How to Calibrate your Digital Scales Correctly

Digital Scale Calibration

It was only when a friend complained that every time she came over to my house she weighed a few pounds more that I realized my scale was incorrectly calibrated. At first I thought it was just because she usually came over at the end of the day and weighed herself at home in the morning. But then I packed for an overseas trip and weighed my bag on my digital scale. It was just below the weight allowed by the airline which I was taking. When I got to the airport, the bag was overweight and that’s when I realized that my scale needed to be recalibrated.

Recalibrating your digital scale is not a complex operation, but it should be done from time to time to ensure accuracy. Calibrate your scale at least every 4 months. The man reason why digital scales drift is through handling and temperature differences. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Turn the scale on and locate the calibration button. This will usually be marked “Cal”, “Function”, “Mode” or “Cal/Mode”. If you are not sure where to locate this button, consult your digital scale user’s manual.
  2. Press the calibration button on your digital scale until the digits on the scale read “0”, “000” or “cal”. Again, if you are unsure, consult your user’s manual.
  3. Place an object of known weight onto the scale. Do not let the object wobble or move and place the object in the middle of the scale for accuracy.
  4. Adjust the scale reading if it shows something other than the known weight of the object.
  5. Turn off your scale once the calibration is complete.

Now you can rest assured that your digital scale is accurate!

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